Thursday, October 13, 2011

Samsung UN60D8000 60-Inch 3D LED HDTV

Samsung UN60D8000 60-Inch 3D LED HDTVBest tv Samsung UN60D8000 handsdown you can get right now not much different from the 8000 series in my opinion everything is awesome from the picture to the built in wifi to the already loaded downloadable apps bought mine from sears so i didnt get the 2 free 3d glasses:( i will say that this tv is worth every pennie the motion cap 720 technology makes everything seem real-time and even youtube videos streamed from this are more detailed then from my alienware computer but with good things comes some bad things.

First is my main complaint there is only 1 a/v slot and 1 rca slot so your limited in what you have add so if you have ps3 and a 360 you need a 4 way switch and if you have a theater set your in big trouble but a rca/av switch fixes this problem. another problem is the built in wifi the signal is extremeley weak.

My router is literally 8 feet away from the tv and watching youtube or some of the movies it has built in stream extremley slow or dont stream at all also the power adapter is very short about 1 foot long so it has to be extremely close to an outlet.

Samsung UN60D8000 best Smart TV improvements the actual artwork associated with amusement. For that greatest tv fanatics, amazing display quality as well as sophisticated online connectivity are simply the initial step; the Samsung UN60D8000 LED TV will go the action past, including among the planet's state-of-the-art styles towards the method.

The Samsung UN60D8000 one Style bezel is just. 2" -- because slim because they arrive -- for any visible impact associated with “more display, much less body. inch It is upon which commanding60-inch display that you will appreciate whole internet in to your own family room -- Samsung smart tv places the net, an array of applications and much more online connectivity providers just about all in your tv.

As well as Samsung's cinema-quality three dimensional technologies provides the Samsung UN60D8000 amazing level as well as clearness associated with three dimensional film game titles as well as tv encoding.


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