Monday, October 10, 2011

LG Infinia 55LV5500 55-Inch LED-LCD HDTV

LG Infinia 55LV5500 55-Inch LED-LCD HDTVWe bought this LG Infinia 55LV5500 TV primarily for that ap included in the software. It worked great for the first week, just like watching on regular channel. After about a week, it was impossible to watch, wasn't even slow motion, more like a picture.

Sent an email asking for some help, and they responded (quickly too) by updating the software. After getting the update, it once again worked for about a week and then the same problem. It turns out it is the wireless connection, I have AT&T internet and it's not very reliable. I had issues with AT&T U-Verse and they came out and fixed it. The technician told me to hook up an ethernet directly from the box to the TV, and VOILA! No more problems.

Now every game is perfect - just like watching on a regular channel. To LG Infinia 55LV5500's defense, it does state in the manual that a wired connection is preferred. So don't mess around with a wireless router and the doggle provided with the LG Infinia 55LV5500 - it's just not reliable, use an ethernet cable. .

The LG Infinia 55LV5500 provides Brought display quality together with much more. You are able to faucet straight into immediate amusement along with LG Wise TV*, with TruMotion 120Hz renew price, sports activities as well as motion films in no way appeared much better.

LG Wise TV enables you to entry the unlimited globe associated with amusement in ways that is simpler and much more enjoyable than in the past. It is wise created easy.

All of us place all of your LG Infinia 55LV5500 entertainment—from applications in order to loading movie to reside TV—all in a single location, and the way you want to buy.

The LG Infinia 55LV5500 HDTV includes a wise method to manage this. The LG Infinia 55LV5500 Miracle Movement remote control is actually simple to use, along with user-friendly point-and-click manage and 5 control keys.


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