Thursday, October 20, 2011

LEGO City Camper

LEGO City CamperLEGO City Camper - We cherished Lego's like a child, now, it is good to determine which Lego has not forgotten it is 'town' or even 'city' sequence and it is nevertheless picking out innovative brand new styles, playthings as well as items.

Just Playmobile, IMO, arrives near to recording the entire range associated with existence which lego handles in order to, and it is an extremely faraway 2nd location simply because along with Lego, you are usually pressured to make use of much more of the creativity. Along with how a corporation's transformed a lot through the years, a maximum of actually you are able to construct anything -- you are able to produce so far as your own creativity enables you to.

This can be a good, scaled-down arranged along with 2 mini-figures plus some nice small items, such as the surf board, bike along with other products such as TV, frying pan, barbeque grill, and so on. The LEGO City Camper recreational camper by itself starts upward too, adn this actually includes a small step ladder onto result in the actual roofing. With regard to children (or even grown ups as well... that otherwise will individuals luxurious nice models? , this really is an incredible, amazing lego arranged which suits in to any kind of Lego town/city atmosphere.

I suggest this. The LEGO City Camper creativeness can there be as well as repair possibilities will also be presently there. This particular arranged reminded me personally a bit of an additional 1980's lego arranged, having a vehicle as well as camper-trailer, which 1 will pay superb hommage into it with a few commonalities however sufficient variations to exhibit a person just how much additional Lego is continuing to grow. And it is in a sensible cost -- therefore do not overpay for this, simply browse around within the shops.

It's vacation time! Pack up the camper with everything you'll need for your trip, including a surfboard, bike and grill. Adventure and the open road await!
  • Includes 2 minifigures (male/ female), bicycle, surfboard and more!
  • Features details like kitchen and sleeping area! Open the camper to play inside!
  • Camper measures 5½ inches (14cm) long by 3 inches (7.6cm) tall!

Product Features
  • Features kitchen and sleeping area
  • Camper measures 5½ inches (14cm) long by 3 inches (7.6cm) tall
  • Roof can be removed to play inside
  • Includes 2 minifigures, bicycle, surfboard and more
  • 165 pieces


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